Sonoma Tile Installers Services

We here at Sonoma Tile Installers offer our services to homeowners, business owners, property managers, architects, and contractors. Regardless of the size of the project that you are going to put on our plate, rest assured that we can do it flawlessly and quickly, regardless of your situation.

We are committed to providing you high-quality service from start to finish. Our team of skilled artisans and builders will welcome any challenge you give them, and if you want to have the best tiles, pillars, and facades in your neighborhood, we are the ones you should call.


New Home Builds

You should get our service if you are planning to build your new home. By working with us, we can deliver you a highly consistent design and help you think about how your house’s design will match with all the tiles and stone decorations you request from us.

New Home Kitchen with custom tile by Sonoma Tile Installers
Remodeled Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Home Remodels

Of course, we are not limited to providing our services to new homes. We work on home remodeling projects as well. If you already know what tiles and materials you want to use for your project, we can start working on the installation right away.

On the other hand, if you do not have a design in mind yet, you can let one of our members inspect your plan and the remodel site in order to help you find the best tiles and veneers for your home. We are always ready to challenge ourselves with new custom designs and installations. We are not limited to just installing tiles on floors and walls. We can also help with the creative process and make sure that the customization ideas you have will become a reality.

Commercial Buildings

Whether the site is your office, shop, our production facility, we can work our magic there. Just give us a call, and we can discuss how we can tackle the installation while minimizing the disruption our service can cause to your business.

Tile and stone work on new commercial building
Stone Exterior Government Building

Government Buildings

Many contractors shy away from government building projects, as they can easily get complex fast. Thankfully, we already have experience working on government buildings. We ensure you that doing business with us will be hassle-free.