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We Are Sonoma Tile Installers

We are Sonoma Tile installers, a Sonoma Tile and Stone Company. We are your first choice when it comes to tile and stonework in Sonoma County, CA. We offer tile installation and stone fabrication services to both residential homes and commercial spaces in the county.

Who We Are

We have worked with tile and stone for over a decade now and our customers, both current and previous, have nothing but great things to say about the quality of service they received and are still receiving from us.

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Why Choose Us

We believe that custom tile work requires skills and mastery. You cannot just settle for a contractor or a tradesman offering their services cheaply. Aside from this line of work requiring expensive, specialized labor, the materials needed also cost a lot.

Our company is an expert when it comes to fabricating and installing stone materials. Our work also comes with a warranty, and we are also insured. Aside from that, you will be working directly with us. We do not rely on subcontracting and third-party companies.

However, we do subcontractor work for building contractors and companies. And do not worry. If you want to have quality countertops and other stonework services done to your home, we will treat and prioritize you equally with the contractors we are working with.

Getting our products and services is an excellent investment for your home and business, as they effectively raise your property’s monetary and aesthetic value. You can expect us to meet your expectations and know that we have only the best materials available.

Tile and Stone Work Application

Here are the types of tile and stone work we offer.

Bathroom Tiles

Know that bathroom tiles are the most basic tiles a home or commercial space needs, but you cannot just pick or install ones carelessly. After all, they will be wet because of water and moisture all the time, and a subpar installation or material will only lead to fast water damage.

The tile contractor must ensure that every piece of tile placed can withstand water for hours a day. If you choose the material, make sure to select a nonporous one like glass, ceramic, or porcelain.

Avoid choosing porous tiles since they may absorb water, and their quality may degrade fast over time. Of course, metal tiles may be nonporous, but they might not work well with your bathroom.

Shower Tiles

There are three main factors that you should consider when choosing shower tiles:

  • Appearance
  • Size
  • Durability

When it comes to shower tiles, we recommend ceramic, glazed porcelain, or natural stone. Each of them has unique features that most homeowners love. Like with bathroom tiles, nonporous and other tiles like metal or wood do not work well as shower tiles.

Backsplash Tiles

Backsplash acts as a protective barrier for your kitchen wall and eye candy that can relax you and help you appreciate your kitchen’s appearance more. Unlike bathroom and shower tiles, backsplash tiles do not often get wet, and you can get away with choosing almost any tiling material without worrying about its durability against water.

Most homeowners base the style and material of their backsplash depending on their kitchen tiles, the theme in their kitchen, or the style of their countertops. Nonetheless, it is entirely up to you.

Kitchen Tiles

Most of the time, homeowners start their renovation or remodeling projects with their kitchens first. After all, it is the most practical choice. Aside from creating a significant increase in their property’s resale value, any improvements and changes in the kitchen are welcome, as it is one of the most used rooms in a home.

With the right kitchen tile, you can instantly convert a dull kitchen into a more stylistic and warm place to spend your time. Thankfully, you have a lot of tile options to choose from.

Stone Counters

In addition to your backsplash and kitchen tiles, your counters also deserve some love. Of course, unlike kitchen tiles, you need to take careful consideration when choosing your stone counters. For one, it will be best to choose a material that is difficult to scratch and damage. And it would be convenient if you can just chop away on top of your counter without worrying that the carrot you sliced will leave a stain.

Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces have become very popular. We may not have a lot of snow compared to our northern neighbors, but it still gets really cold in Sonoma.

And what better way to warm up the cold nights than with a nice-looking stone fireplace in your living room? Give your fireplace a facelift. Aside from its appearance, a stone fireplace is durable, heat resistant, and can retain heat well

Stone Pillars

We are not all about the kitchen and bathroom. We also build stone pillars, and we can put one on your gate, fence, or anywhere you want them in your yard. They are a great addition to your landscape, and they can raise your property’s value.

We can build your pillars using slabs or stone veneers. Regardless of the material, we will ensure that it will look good on your property and not look out of place.

Stone Facades

Stone facade or stone veneer is manufactured stone that is made to pass as natural. As natural, good-looking stones can be rare and expensive, a stone facade is an inexpensive and much more accessible solution.

Stone veneer has a wide range of applications. You can use it as decoration for both your property’s interior and exterior, where you can primarily use it on your home’s facade. And you can also use it on stone pillars.

various Tiles jobs being installed

Our Process

We would love for you to familiarize yourself with our work process to make our transaction as smooth as possible. It is important for us to always set our clients’ expectations and let them be always aware of the next steps.

Lead Time

The amount of time for us to finish your request depends on the complexity and scale of the job you want us to do. Normally, we can finish a small-scale kitchen tiles installation in a day or two.

When you talk to us and finish talking about your request, we will provide you with an estimated time when we will complete your order.

Note that there will be times that the installation date may get pushed back when the materials needed for your project, particularly slabs, are unavailable yet due to multiple reasons. This rarely happens. And, of course, weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances may also change the set install date.

Sourced Materials

There will be some cases where you have already procured your materials or found them from another supplier. You should let us know.

It is possible that you can let us be the ones who acquire them from the supplier you chose, as there is a chance that we may receive a trade discount, which can help you save a bit more.

Templating and Going Over the Final Details

When you have decided and are ready to get our services, you can schedule one of our team members to perform measurements and go over the project details with you. Be sure that you or a designated decision-maker is in your home to go over the process.

We will need to ask you a few questions to ensure that we will be able to deliver, so someone familiar with your home’s intricacies must also be present. This is especially important if you are requesting customized work for your home. This is also to ensure that our installation will not cause any problems for you in the future.

Before the Install Date

This is important; you need to make sure that all appliances and pieces of furniture are placed out of the way from the construction site. If possible, they must be already set aside before we start templating.

Know that you are responsible for moving your personal items, pieces of furniture, and appliances, as we would like to prevent being held responsible for any damage our team may accidentally cause. If our team members find them still in the way, they may or may not move them, and it is a case-to-case basis. And if they do move them, we are not in any way responsible for damages.

Removal and Deconstruction

When working with remodeling, we will deconstruct and remove the existing tiles and countertops.

If the project is for a new home, know that we will only build on areas we are responsible for. It is also the same for unfinished areas that may not match the design of the items we are going to install.

If you want to know what we can do, you should discuss this with our representatives or technicians that will arrive at your home.


We know that this is the second time we’re saying it, but it is crucial to clear everything at the install site. This includes the items stored in your lower cabinets, your personal effects in your bathroom and shower, and the items placed in your yard near the location where we will install your pillar or facade.

Aside from preventing us from damaging your possessions, this will also help us hasten the install process and make as little mess as possible.

Clean Up

If it is our mess, we will clean it up. Working with stone, cement, and grout can easily lead to some dirt and debris. We will also ensure that we prepare some extra measures that will isolate the residue of the construction job to the construction area.

And it also helps if you add some extra barriers to prevent dust from the install job from getting into other parts of your home.